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YouTube India’s Monthly User Base Crosses 325 Mn; Gaming, Food Top The Charts

  • Over 2,500 YouTube channels from India have crossed 1 Mn subscribers, with nine channels having over 10 Mn subscribers.

  • In terms of genres, gaming videos saw 2x growth in watch time, while the same grew 3x for baking videos.

  • Besides Hindi, YouTube videos in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali were the most popular followed by other languages.

With growing diversity in content creator base and rising interest in gaming related content, Google-owned YouTube now has over 325 Mn monthly active users (over the age of 18) in India, as per the latest Comscore numbers, the company said in its annual Brandcast announcements.

Besides the growing user numbers, Google added that over 2,500 creator channels in India have crossed 1 Mn subscribers, with nine channels having over 10 Mn subscribers. Further, YouTube saw over 45% growth in the overall watch time in July as against the same time last year, as per a series of videos Google released for the India numbers.

In terms of content genres, gaming videos are seeing the highest engagement, with watch time soaring 2x as compared to last year, while baking videos (undoubtedly linked to the lockdown) saw 3x the watch time in the same period.

Google said Indian content creators are gaining renown around the world for their approach to education and learning with the success of WifiStudy underlining this. Google said the channel has over 12 Mn subscribers and over 1.5 Bn total views in Asia Pacific.

According to CSC data, YouTube emerged the most used digital media platform in rural India, followed by Facebook and Netflix in May. However, growth for Netflix between January and May stood at 422%, which was faster than the growth numbers for YouTube and Facebook (219% and 374%) for the same period.

Ref: Inc42


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