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World's top 100 companies use Digital standards as ready use template to grow their business in 2021

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Digital marketing is an evergreen industry where change is the only constant. As we move into 2021, it's crucial that we, as marketers and entrepreneurs, stay on top of the latest industry developments. This way, we can adapt our marketing strategies by embracing the technologies and tactics of tomorrow.

Digital standards are the new wave emerging trend in the space of Digital Marketing. If you own a company website or an email id, then it is an unsaid rule that you need to follow Digital standards to make the best use of the online platform to do your business constructively.

Know how Digital standards can help the business grow:

  1. It brings organic traffic from the target market.

  2. Automation in the online space makes our business engine work 24x7 generating traffic and leads even when we are at rest.

  3. Digital standards help to optimize the cost and enable improved service delivery excellence.

  4. Builds authenticity and trust among the public.

  5. It acts as one of the best tools to build a powerful ecosystem for your business.

  6. It makes your work 3 times faster than before.

  7. We will get to see improved accountability of Profits and Clients.

OACORDe is one such Digital Standard launched in Feb 2021, and it is easy to adapt without changing your existing setup; which comes with absolute lifetime license free for certain solutions.

While we talking to the CEO of OACORDe, he said “The shift in demand of the clients, the expectation and the service delivery has created a new need for companies worldwide to see new definitions of design and delivery. Digital Standards like OACORDe has become the new template and solution to match the expectations. Also, it helps in improving the sales and customers are happy seeing new logos in their deck month on month."

Soon, Digital Standards will become the primary requirement of any company, irrespective of the size to have fueled the growing business”.


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