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Success Story: Asia's most ordered veg hot dog; “Johny Hot Dog” at Indore.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Vijay Singh Rathore story has been a great inspiration for many. Born from a middle-class family, his father was a manual labourer and his mother worked as a cook. The entire family of 8 brothers and sisters lived in a cramped room.

Rathore was working in a tea stall outside an engineering college and he learned cooking from his mother. He decided to start his stall in 1977, but thinking of the investment for oil & ingredients required to start his favorite Samosa and Kachori stall, which was tough then. So, Rathore started his journey by opening Johny Hot Dog outlet at Chappan street of Indore serving Vegetarian Hot Dog and egg versions. Now, Rathore makes Rs.40 lakh and above a year, which is Incredible.

Over years, based on the good feedback of his lovable customers, he started preparing recipe by grinding his masalas and started serving fresh delicious food. The price tag was from Rs.25 to Rs.30. The footfalls were higher day by day due to the best quality. Today the order has crossed 4000 per day and he opened additional outlets too.

Johny Hot Dog has set a new benchmark of one lakh orders of Veg Hot dogs within 92 days between June to August 2019 winning the title “Most popular menu item in Asia Pacific” crossing the international chain of fast-food brands. Also, he received Uber Eats APAC Restaurant Partners Awards 2019.


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