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Six Apple production lines capable of $5 billion in exports allegedly moving to India

An inconsistent report claims that unnamed Apple manufacturing partners are moving six iPhone production lines to India, as part of an increasing trend to relocate from China

Following reports that Apple has pressed Foxconn to invest $1 billion in developing iPhone production in India, local sources claim that an unnamed iPhone manufacturer is establishing a new facility in the country. The claim also follows separat reports that Foxconn is now manufacturing the iPhone 11 Pro in the country.

In a new but inconsistent report published on Monday, The Times of India is claiming that what it calls a "contract manufacturer for Apple" is "shifting six production lines" for iPhones to India. It says that unnamed sources are saying that as well as making iPhones for sale in India itself, the new establishment will produce up to $5 billion worth of iPhones for export.

There's no detail over when that figure may be achieved. However, the report does say that it's expected the new plant will create 55,000 jobs over the next "year or so."

Ref: Apple insider, The times of India.


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