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Self branding for HR - NEED OF THE HOUR

Self- branding is very important for our career. Many of us in HR spend very little time thinking about how to develop a personal brand. We are branding our-self in different networking platform by what we share, the way we interact & act. Is that sufficient? To achieve personal & professional branding, we need to invest a bit of our time, effort & thought process.

  • Provide Value: Delivering value to your audience can be in the form of career advice, sharing the experiences & learning's on topics like: How to become a better leader/How to handle workplace conflicts/How analytics in HR has helped increase business revenue/Culture fitness/Providing insights from top business leader etc. Everyone has their own uniqueness; it will be always better to explore those areas & that is what everyone would love to hear.

  • Be in the Limelight: Always project your authentic personality online. It is very important to remain professional & polite. These are small tips for creating visibility for your profile & to be under the limelight:  (1) Share business/personal/inspirational stories as articles & publish on LinkedIn. (2) Posts about your hobbies/fun experiences on Facebook /Twitter/Instagram. (3) People love to see personality rather than lengthy posts, create a short video “about me” & share it via social media posts. 

  • Explore all Social Networking Platforms: For building professional reputation & to reach the professional audience, LinkedIn is a great platform, but people (prospective employers/clients, consultants, recruiters) won’t just view this platform alone. Explore other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. with a focus on business content which will help in enhancing the network thereby connecting to right audiences.

  • Contribute Abundantly: It will end up losing the battle if spoken too much. So always stay true with personal values as well as focusing on what valuable inputs can be contributed to the audience. Key attention should be helping others rather than yourself.

Author: Shyni K

Designation: AVP, MAC Certification, Singapore.


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