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Proxgy, VR enables startup launches virtual commerce platform

Proxgy, enables its users to book a real-world human avatar and navigate the world through that avatar while sitting at home.Once a Proxgy accepts a user’s booking, the user is linked in a ride-hailing manner to his or her two-way audio, one-way video. Proxgy aims to provide consumers an experience of what it feels like to navigate the real-world like a video game in a first-person view through a camera controlled option.

Proxgy uses patent-pending technologies to provide live video and audio stream to users via a helmet which has a 360 degree rotatable camera mounted on top. The camera access is controlled by the user via a joystick within the app.The team has now started expanding Proxgy services across multiple cities and verticals. Proxgies are now available to encompass tasks like shopping, virtual travel, elderly care, real estate viewing, remote KYC, car servicing and generic tasks like errands and many other B2B/B2C services.


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