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India’s Floating Post office, the only one of its kind in the world!

India has the most widely distributed postal network and the largest number of post offices in the world is a known fact. But did you know about India’s floating post office? Yes it’s true!

Set in a huge houseboat against the snow-clad mountains on the beautiful Dal lake in Srinagar, India’s first and only floating post office is also believed to be the only one of its kind in the world!

A government office might not be an obvious feature on a tourist’s itinerary but you’ll be surprised to know how many visitors to Srinagar take a boat ride right up to the post office just to send a postcard back home to their loved ones. That’s not all—the postage stamps here bear pictures of the beautiful Dal Lake, and have a distinctive stamp that depicts a man rowing a shikara. This heritage post office is also quite a treat to the eyes.

Many appreciation to India Post, it is the best way to reach even the last citizen of the nation which many of the leading courier service company couldn’t do. Also, India post is the most trusted brand offering International post and courier service at affordable slab.


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