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India’s 2nd largest brokerage hit by a cyberattack; hackers steal data of 25 million.

Upstox, India’s second-largest stockbroker in terms of a number of customers was hit by a cyberattack. Contact data and KYC details of 25 lakh of its customers were compromised, according to a TOI report.

The retail broking firm said the securities and fund of customers are safe and it enhanced security at its servers. It further added it appointed a “leading cyber-security firm to investigate possibilities of breach of some KYC data stored in third-party data warehouse systems” following the receipt of unauthorised access into its database. Hackers put up a sample of the company’s data on the dark web.

“Funds can only be moved to your linked bank accounts and your securities are held with the relevant depositories. As a matter of abundant caution, we have also initiated a secure password reset via OTP,” wrote Ravi Kumar Co-founder & CEO in a statement issued on the website.

The company also initiated multiple security enhancements, particularly third-party warehouses, real-time 24x7 monitoring and additional ring-fencing of its network.

Ref: Timesnownews


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