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IDENTITY Theft which might peak in 2021. 15 Important tips to stay protected. (1 minute read)

This year has seen a substantial rise in identity theft. But there are a number of things you can do to avoid becoming a victim:

  1. Never save Debit and Credit card pin and bank account passwords in your mobile phones.

  2. Reset all passwords twice yearly.

  3. Limit using multiple online third party digital wallets.

  4. Use only bank portal or bank mobile app for fund transfer. It is advisable to avoid using 3rd party applications.

  5. Never share OTP to anyone. Delete the OTP information once used.

  6. Avoid signing-up in unknown or unauthenticated websites.

  7. Never share your email id and mobile number in any websites unnecessarily.

  8. Be carful while accepting friend request in social media.

  9. Stay away from any methods which can help you make quick income by investment which is not legal.

  10. Always have 2 factor authentication.

  11. Buying things from only trusted e-commerce websites.

  12. Share your Citizenship ID only in mandatory places. Otherwise please don’t.

  13. Never download unknown application from your app store which shall access your personal information.

  14. Avoid using mobile application which can store secret photos, videos, and other informations. Because your secrets are getting stored in someone else data center.

  15. Never share your complete information in social pages like day-today activities, places you travel, active maps, your habits etc…

More importantly:

  • Be careful sharing personal information, especially your birth date and Social Security number, which may be the only information, along with your address, that an ID thief needs to open an account in your name.

  • Keep tabs on your mail. You can sign up for USPS Informed Delivery, which sends daily alerts of mail being delivered. If bills or financial statements don’t reach your mailbox, contact the sender.

  • Create complex passwords to help prevent identity thieves from guessing your log-in credentials.

  • Review your credit card and bank account statements. Match receipts with account statements, and be on the lookout for unauthorized transactions. You can usually set up alerts in your card issuer’s mobile app to be notified about transactions or a low balance.

  • Freeze your credit with the major credit bureaus to prevent someone from applying for a credit account or utility services in your name.

  • Review your credit reports.


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