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"By The Startups” is one of the professional business ecosystem supporting 50,000+ entrepreneurs...

In the race of financial restructuring and building, the economy post the Covid recession, India is constructive in building the startup ecosystem. There are a growing number of Startups venturing with ideas to fix the most critical problem of the industry. “By The Startups (BTS)” is a leading networking community that aims at supporting Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to upskill and grow their business across the nation.

Founded in 2015, based out of the entrepreneurial and industrial city of Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, BTS is a close-knit business networking community organization of established businesses, startups, SMEs/SMBs, early-stage ventures, studentpreneurs, mentors, academicians, and expert professionals of the business ecosystem across the globe. BTS is already connected to over verified 1500+ entrepreneurs and 100+ business community heads, also supporting 50,000+ members in social media platform as well.

BTS Community, started by Shameer, an IT Project Enabler and Digital Marketer by profession, and Gayathri Rajesh, an entrepreneur and founder of SearchnScore, helps generate business referals & sale leads and business networking opportunities and engages in resource sharing, training & informal education through focus knowledge groups among the community members, in addition to PR & Media activities. The whole exercise is to develop a lasting relationship with entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. BTS has jointly organized several events with top media names including ET-NOW, Pudhiya Thalaimurai, News 7 Tamil, Simplicity, just to name a few. It has also collaborated with other business organizations including Startup Payanam, CMA, Startups Club, etc.

BTS Community is currently divided into BTS-B (Business) & BTS-K (Knowledge) community chapters is ably led by its Community Head Mahalingam, founder of Visual Birds, and Community Manager Hajeera Banu, a former GM of a leather products firm. In the current scenario, one has to learn the trends and the behaviour of the market to sustain and grow the business. BTS as an ecosystem acting as a knowledge partner and assisting companies to grow their business in the areas of manufacture, services, native products, education, engineering, etc, in addition to selling products and brand franchising online. Areas such as Startup Investment, working closely with the academia, and developing incubator and accelerator programmes are other few other things on its platter.


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