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Amazon, Flipkart festive sales to create 3 lakh jobs in e-commerce, logistics

  • To speed up deliveries, Amazon India has also set up 200 new delivery stations across the country before the festive sales

  • E-commerce marketplaces usually hold up to 3 festival sale events leading to Diwali, with usually the first sale event driving almost 60% of their total sales

With the festive season round the corner, e-commerce firms such as Amazon and Flipkart and third-party logistics firms are ramping up their delivery capabilities, by investing in warehousing infrastructure as well as hiring more on-ground staff.

As the pandemic pushes the needle towards digital, online festival sales are expected to touch $7 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV), as shoppers flock online, leading to a creation of 3 lakh jobs, according to consulting firm Redseer.

Daily e-commerce shipments in the country have also grown from 3.7 million during the pre-covid months to 5.1 million, post the virus outbreak. Now, this number is expected to rise to 22 million daily shipments during the festive season, shows RedSeer data. Last festive season, daily e-commerce shipments averaged around 12 million.


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